Purpose of this Web Page

Torrey Pine Trees at Torrey Pines Reserve, Torrey Pines Golf Course and the general vicinity have been dying off at an alarming rate since about 2014.  Although the official story is that drought and beetles are killing them, there has never been an analysis of the trees to confirm it.  The purpose of this web page is to encourage authorities to conduct a legitimate analysis of the trees.

Why They Need to be Analyzed

We are told the die-off is caused by drought and beetles, but trees that were being watered on Torrey Pines Golf Course also died (picture 1 below).  Those trees weren’t in a drought and didn’t have many beetles.  And there is obvious fungal pathogen damage, unacknowledged by authorities, that is killing trees and probably attracting bark beetles.  Picture #2 shows bark beetle damage while pictures #3, 4 and 5 show fungal pathogen damage.  A sampling of the condensed fog that drips off tree needles measured an extremely high level of aluminum (picture #6), a metal toxic to pine trees, here.  And a published peer reviewed paper with agreement from scientists worldwide, here, concluded UV radiation and aluminum poisoning weaken Torrey Pine trees and create conditions that attract fungus and beetles.

Petition:  Ask California State Parks to Test Torrey Pine Trees for Aluminum Poisoning

  • 2,000 signatures on this petition were sent to California State Parks on  April 25, 2019, with copies to the San Diego Mayor, City Council Members, Torrey Pines Supervising Ranger, Docent Society President, Torrey Pines Association, local environmental professionals, academic institutions, and the media.  There was no reply from any authority.  Details of the petition delivery can be found here.
  • The petition
  • Petition picture

Peer-Reviewed Paper Published in Scientific Journal

Presentation to San Diego Community Forest Advisory Board, 11/14/2018

  • This presentation was recommended by the staff of S.D. Councilmember Barbara Bry.  I showed the CFAB the unacknowledged fungal damage that is probably working in a symbiotic relation with beetles to kill the trees and asked them to investigate.  And then I sent a follow-up email, with copies to “everybody”.

San Diego County Plant Pathology Lab analyses

In April 2018, I took them samples of diseased trees on 5 separate occasions.  They couldn’t figure out what is causing the damage that looks like pitch canker disease.  Here are their analyses:  Analyses of samples 1-5,  Emails to and from Ca. Dept. of Food and Agriculture


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Communication with California State Parks (they won’t analyze the trees)

Links to articles, studies and web pages regarding aluminum poisoning, pitch canker disease, the symbiotic relationship of fungus and beetles and UV radiation damage

Consultant Efforts on Genetic Rescue