Purpose of this web page

Rare and Endangered Torrey Pine Trees near San Diego went through a severe die-off in the years 2014-18 and are continuing their demise today.  Government funded authorities still cling to an oversimplistic story that beetles invaded because of drought.  But anyone can see that is not true because trees on Torrey Pines Golf Course were watered and also died.  Other factors are involved.  Samples from these trees have been diagnosed with the pathogen Fusarium circinatum which causes Pitch Canker Disease.  Chemical toxins from condensed fog become concentrated on pine needles and are absorbed and weaken our trees.  Damage from increasing levels of UV radiation is evident.  Once one realizes other factors are involved, it becomes painfully obvious that they are caused primarily by particulate pollution distributed into our sky by jets.  The purpose of this web page is to encourage authorities to conduct a real investigation of why the trees died.  Details and photos for each topic below are provided in the video and book near the bottom.

Torrey Pines Diagnosed with Pitch Canker Disease Pitch canker is a disease caused by the pathogen Fusarium circinatum.  It’s an especially mean pathogen that starts by girdling branch tips, cutting off water supply, and can advance to the entire tree.  Pine trees infected with pitch canker disease are often attacked by engraver beetles.  Details and photos are included in video and book near bottom.  Authorities were notified with this letter in April, 2021.

Toxins in Condensed Fog Weaken Torrey Pines.  Torrey Pines absorb moisture from fog.  This sample of condensed fog was gathered by shaking tree branches in the Reserve after a morning fog.  It contains high levels of chemical toxins, especially aluminum, that damage stomata, injure roots and weaken our trees.  The toxins become concentrated on pine needles by cycles of deposition and evaporation.


Why Authorities Won’t Allow a Real Investigation of Our Trees.  There is intense resistance against investigating anything that might conflict with the official story of drought and beetles.  This video by Eisenhower and J.M. Herndon explains that gov’t funded science is based on consensus only, which ignores truth and integrity.  After many years of consensus conformity, our environ. community is corrupt.

Previously Unacknowledged Primary Factors in the Demise of Endangered Torrey Pines, A Microcosm of Global Forest Die-offs This peer-reviewed scientific paper in the Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International documents unacknowledged factors damaging our trees including toxins from condensed fog and increasing UV radiation.  It also links them to aerosolized coal fly ash, a likely primary component of particulates being distributed in our sky.

How Drought is Intentionally Created at Torrey Pines. This short 2 minute video uses a NASA animation to explain how particulate pollution from covert geoengineering inhibits the formation of raindrops.  It also explains how particulate pollution can create an artificial high pressure zone to block incoming moisture.

2,000 concerned citizens ask for a lab test.  This petition is an attempt to encourage authorities to allow testing.  2,000 people signed it including over 200 from the community of Carmel Valley and 100 from Del Mar.  Signatures were sent to State Parks in April, 2019 with no reply.


This 30 minute VIDEO HERE, and FREE BOOK HERE, document the entire effort of trying to get our trees analyzed.  They cover the years from 2015 to mid-2020.  (Prior to the Fusarium diagnosis.)  They include in-depth explanations, details and photos of everything described above.


If our environmental scientists are ever allowed to investigate particulate pollution distributed into our sky by jets, they will probably also find it is a primary factor in the die-offs of bees, insects, birds, the increased intensity of wildfires and red tides, as documented in the below peer-reviewed papers:

California Wildfires:  Role of Undisclosed Atmospheric Manipulation and Geoengineering, J. Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside, Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International

Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash:  A Previously Unrecognized Primary Factor in the Catastrophic Global Demise of Bird Populations and Species, Mark Whiteside and J. Marvin Herndon, Asian Journal of Biology

Previously Unacknowledged Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bee and Insect Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering, Mark Whiteside and J. Marvin Herndon, Asian Journal of Biology

Role of Aerosolized Coal Fly Ash in the Global Plankton Imbalance:  Case of Florida’s Toxic Algae Crisis, Mark Whiteside and J. Marvin Herndon, Asian Journal of Biology